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Name Control Panel Disk Space Bandwidth Forced Ads Own Ads Rating Reviews
Khoai.Vn Free Hosting Other Control Panel 10240MB 102.4GB 86 Reviews
Neq3 Free Hosting with cPanel cPanel 10000MB 100GB 99 Reviews
Cliqhosting cPanel 20000MB 200GB 49 Reviews
WebMee cPanel 500MB 4GB 89 Reviews
byethost internet cPanel 1000 MB 50GB 91 Reviews

What is is a free web hosting directory dedicated to helping users find a free web hosting provider that is most suitable for them. allows owners to submit listings of their free web hosting providers, which will be checked for validity, then approved by our administrators. allows users to review and rate listed free web hosting providers that they have had experience with. Details collected from reviewers will be collected for validity checks. After the review is checked and approved, it will be listed on the review page of the free web hosting provider.

With these validity checks in place, we hope that a strong database of valid information can be presented to our users and thus allow our users to choose the right free web hosting provider.

Recent News and Latest Updates!

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Search engine friendly URLs are now live for all free web hosting providers listed in FHDir.

There may still be some bugs or incorrect URLs lying around so I'd appreciate it if they are reported.

Time Posted on Wednesday, 06 April 2011 by admin Revamped has been successfully revamped! The new design has much more color and life as compared to the old one. Navigation links are more organized now and the entire free web hosting directory has been integrated into the forum.

This means that users only need to register once in order to be a member of the entire website, which consists of both the web hosting directory and the community forums.

With the new member system, users are required to be registered and logged into the system before they can submit or review a free web host listing. Guests can still view all content without having to register or log in.

We are currently looking to incorporate SEO-optimized URLs in order to facilitate better search engine rankings, which would bring in more traffic.

Time Posted on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 by admin

Major Make-Over Planned

A major make-over is being planned for at the moment. This make-over will consist of a complete overhaul of the directory structure and a new design as well. A more refined submission platform will also be made available, tentatively based on a membership system where your account is linked to your host submission and reviews. You will be able to add, edit and remove your listings with that account.

Search-Engine-Optimized URLs may also be incorporated into the directory so as to facilitate better search engine rankings.

Time Posted on Friday, 22 October 2010 by admin